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  • Dilawar Arbab

You need to act now to become compliant.

The Department of Internal Affairs is gearing up quickly for the phase 2 update in the AML legislation. They are currently seeking new employees as the number of entities increase dramatically in 2019. New entities that become covered by the law:

-Real Estate Agents (1st January 2019)

-Lawyers and Conveyancers (1st July 2019)

-Accountants (1st October 2019)

-Companies dealing in high value items (1st August 2019)

Adding to current entities that need to comply: Debt collectors, casinos, cash transport, financial leasing, FX, payroll, remittance, trust and company service providers, lenders. The DIA is getting serious and so should you so if you are a reporting entity, the best time to sort out your compliance obligations is right away.

The latest DIA AML update is out. Take a look:

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